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Tasty Tuesday: See the Green (Don’t Taste the Green) Smoothie!

In the morning, our house looks and sounds a lot like a smoothie shop.  There is a cacophony of blending.  Smoothies, lattes, nut butters….you get the picture.  Below is the recipe for T’s favorite “juicy juice” (his preferred name for it, not mine).  While I personally love the taste of berries mixed with greens in a smoothie, the color can be less than appealing.  Enter mango.  This mixture of mango, banana, soy milk, hemp seeds, spirulina, and greens creates a smoothie that looks like it belongs in Emerald City but tastes like a sweet treat.  Why spirulina? Aside from it being one of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet, its chlorophyll binds with heavy metals and helps remove toxins from the blood while boosting the immune system.  If you are someone who wants the benefits of leafy greens but doesn’t want their smoothie to taste like a salad, this recipe is for you!

See the Green (Don’t Taste the Green) Smoothie!

-1 cup frozen mango chunks

-1 banana

-1 cup organic unsweetened soy milk (I like West Soy or Edensoy, just organic soybeans and water!).  Adjust amount to desired consistency.

-1 tablespoon hemp seeds

-1 teaspoon spirulina *wheatgrass powder (see note)

-Two large handfuls of greens (baby spinach blends best but any will do)

*If you like you could add some vanilla or plain plant based protein powder.  We occasionally use Pure Food brand.  Just 7 ingredients, organic, and no artificial anything.

*Pro tip: peel and cut banana into chunks and freeze overnight for a super smooth texture.

Place all ingredients except greens in high speed blender.  Blend until smooth.  Place greens in and blend until they disappear.  Enjoy!

*update: we’ve since switched from spirulina to wheatgrass since possible concerns about certain spirulina suppliers and safety.  The science on the benefits of wheatgrass is stronger and there are no concerns on safety to date.

And now for the illustrated version:

Gather ingredients.
Carefully place two year old on chair (in case you were wondering this is NOT how he broke his leg a few months back).
Open ingredients.
Add ingredients to blender.
Let dog eat dropped-on-the-floor ingredients.
Blend all but greens.
Add greens.
Blend until they are no longer visible.
Pour smoothie into glass.
Make sure two year old knows this is dad’s glass, not his.
Give two year old smoothie using appropriate cup. Sip and be happy!


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