Hi I’m Laura, aka the Joyful Gym Rat.  Like a rat attracted to cheese (or in my case, vegan cashew cheese) I am attracted to all things health and wellness.  Why?  Throughout this crazy maze of life movement and nutrition have consistently helped me find more joy. And I am not the only one.  You see, I’ve been a personal trainer, group fitness teacher, and yoga instructor for people at every stage of life.  I’ve seen first hand how simple lifestyle changes can ripple out in all directions and change lives for the better.  If you are interested in nourishing your body in ways that light you up and moving your body in ways that feel great read on.  There are many theories running rampant in the wellness industry but I like to stick to the few things that most experts agree lead to better health. You’ll find tips on how to manage stress, eat plenty of plants, and move more.  Let me help you navigate your own maze and find more joy on the journey.

Curious about credentials?

I am an NASM certified personal trainer and fitness nutrition specialist.  I am a 200 hr registered yoga teacher and 300 hr Trauma Center Trauma Centered Yoga Facilitator.  I have a certificate in yin yoga and teach dance and fitness classes of all types.  I hold a certificate in Plant Based Nutrition from Cornell and am Forks Over Knives Plant Based certified by the Rouxbe Cooking School.  Through my own struggles after losing my first child, I’ve come to be somewhat knowledgeable about applying movement and nutrition on the healing journey that is grief.  You can read more about that in the article here on my previous blog here.

I have trained, taught, and managed at gyms and studios in New York City, Chicago, and now Virginia where I live with my husband J, son T, and pitbull Dee.

Thanks for stopping by and feel free to drop me a line: thejoyfulgymrat@gmail.com



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